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Author: root

New preprint: Regulatory networks controlling sex differences in the kidney

Ivy’s paper is out now! In a large collaboration led by the McMahon lab together with our lab & and the labs of Lior Pachter & Junhyong Kim we investigated the origins of sex differences in the mammalian kidney. Did you know that male and female kidneys have highly diverged gene expression programs in proximal tubule cells?! Through time-course RNA-seq coupled with joint multiomics (assaying scRNA-seq + scATAC-seq) of WT and AR-ko kidneys we discovered how Androgen receptor controls the sex dimorphism of cell fates in the kidney.

Paper out now: Stem cell voices carry

Adam wrote a News & Views article published today in Nature Chemical Biology. In the same issue, through a combination of experiments and mathematical modeling, Daneshpour et al. discovered that — while differentiating but not self-renewing — embryonic stem cells communicate over far greater distances than previously appreciated, exhibiting quorum sensing-like behavior. “Voices carry” comes from here, for any readers who happen not to be new wave afficionados.