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Congratulations class of 2021!

Congratulations to all of the QBIO graduates of 2021. A uniquely challenging year, and you did it! Gina Yang and Jaclyn Ready both completed impressive undergraduate research projects this year in our lab. To you and to your classmates, congratulations!!

New paper: A multiscale model of cell-cell communication

Megan Franke developed a multiscale hybrid model of cell-cell communication (with a deterministic cell-internal gene regulatory network and stochastic single-cell resolved signaling model). Through analysis of a large range of cell signaling topologies, we discovered that even subtle cell-cell communication can dramatically alter cell fate decision-making and result in heterogeneous distributions of hematopoietic cell types.

Our analysis also helps to resolve some controversies in the literature regarding myeloid cell fates controlled by the GATA1-PU.1 mutual inhibition loop. The preprint is available here.

Lab funded by an NSF CAREER Award!

The proposal, CAREER: Inference of gene regulatory networks and cell dynamics that control stem cell fate has been awarded by the Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) Mathematical Biology program.

The research objectives of this award focus on developing new network inference methods and multiscale models of the dynamics of stem cells as they make cell fate decisions during differentiation.

The educational objectives of this award focus on training a new generation of scientists to be simultaneously literate in the mathematical and the life sciences. We will develop new curricula for elementary age and middle/high school age students in the local area around USC. We will take on the challenge of translating sophisticated topics (e.g. how & why we make mathematical models of cells) to young audiences. Updates on our progress will be posted in Outreach.

Welcoming new students

Welcome to new students joining the lab this semester! Obadiah Mulder (CBB PhD program) will work on single-cell gene regulatory networks. Undergraduate and Masters students Gina, Jaclyn, and Nikith will also join the lab for research experience this semester.