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Xiaojun Wu

Xiaojun Wu

Xiaojun Wu, PhD Student
Office: RRI 403J

Research Interests
Modeling, machine learning and statistical inference applicable to single-cell sequencing data.

How I Got Into Science
I once worked at a neuroscience lab as a lab technician. At first, I was merely a tech support. My main responsibilities included writing scripts for data analysis and hardware maintenance. As I got more involved, I became more and more interested in doing actual research. Therefore, I decided to pursue a Ph.D. degree. When I searched for possible research directions, I didn’t confine my search to neuroscience but looked for broader topics in biology. Eventually, I landed in molecular biology.

Fast Facts
Favorite activity outside of work: gaming (DOTA2, Civilization, Europa Universalis)
Favorite book: Computer Systems: A Programmer’s Perspective
What undergraduate major I’d pick outside of STEM: Economics