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Anupam Dey

Jesse Kreger

Anupam Dey, Postdoctoral Scholar
Office: RRI 403G

Research Interests
I am interested in understanding the cell fate decisions ( what cells want to become in future !!) through mathematical modeling of gene regulatory networks. The steady state response of a regulatory gene often show multistability with respect to external and internal signals. The multistable states correspond to different phenotypes of the cell.
How environmental noise and intrinsic stochasticity affect the cell fate decisions and how cells are able to withstand or utilize the noise to maintain or create alternate states are some of the questions that I am interested in trying to find the answers for.

How I Got Into Science
I was in sixth grade when the science teacher announced to the class that she would reward the highest scorer in science with a fancy gel pen. Gel pens back then were a craze. Somehow, I was the highest scorer and I got the gel pen. All of a sudden, I became the popular guy in the class. The science teacher, who then became my favorite teacher, inspired and motivated me to pursue science as a career. She would encourage me to participate in science exhibitions at the local and state level. I used to give her crazy ideas, like, inserting the sim card into a human brain could make it possible to use cell phones hands free. Hahaha. The last time I met her in 2019, she was very happy to see me doing PhD in science.

Fast Facts
Favorite activity outside of work: Travelling and seeing new places
Favorite book: Veronica decides to die
What undergraduate major I’d pick outside of STEM: Anthropology