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Jesse Kreger

Jesse Kreger

Jesse Kreger, Postdoctoral Scholar
Office: RRI 403G

Research Interests
In my work I use mathematics to study topics in cell and evolutionary biology. Math and algorithms are excellent tools to better understand cell and disease dynamics in complicated biological systems – and biological insights and problems can fuel innovative uses of mathematics. Furthermore, recent technological advancements that create large amounts of quantifiable biological data (such as single-cell sequencing), makes the intersection of math and biology an exciting place to be. Specifically, I am interested in building and analyzing mathematical models to describe and gain insight into cancer cell dynamics, virus evolution, and other complex multiscale systems.

How I Got Into Science
As a kid my favorite restaurant was not necessarily the one with the best food, but rather the one with paper and crayons on the table so that my mom could write out equations and puzzles for me to solve during dinner. Through supportive math teachers and community, my love of creative problem solving continued to grow, and I received a PhD in mathematics from the University of California, Irvine. I have particularly enjoyed collaborating with other scientists and working on projects that produce both new mathematics/computational methods as well as important insights into biological systems. I am also passionate about humanizing science and am proud to be a part of organizations that support STEM education, communication of STEM research, and encourage inclusion and representation in STEM fields.

Fast Facts
Favorite activity outside of work: Playing with my dog
Favorite book: I Came As a Shadow by John Thompson and Jesse Washington
What undergraduate major I’d pick outside of STEM: Parks management

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