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Open Positions: Postdoctoral Fellow

We are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher to develop mathematical and statistical models to study stem cell lineage dynamics and cancer genomics. There is a wealth of yet-to-be-discovered information in publicly available single-cell genomic datasets from healthy and tumorous tissues. Sophisticated data analysis and machine learning approaches can reveal not only new cell states preceding/indicative of cancer, but even the dynamics underlying them. This project will mine data and integrate results into models (e.g. on epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition) to learn how stem cell lineage dynamics go awry during tumorigenesis.

More generally, research in our lab asks fundamental questions regarding stem cell fate and its impact on cancer and other diseases. The candidate will develop new algorithms and models to describe cell state transitions in stem cell-derived tissues pre- and post tumorigenesis. These build upon our recent methods for the analysis and integration of single-cell data. The candidate will develop multiscale models that integrate gene regulatory and cell lineage dynamics — informed by data-derived cell states — to test hypotheses and make predictions. The candidate will develop methods to constrain models using Bayesian parameter inference and model selection.

The candidate will lead interdisciplinary research projects working in close collaboration with experimental biologists, have the opportunity to mentor graduate and undergraduate students, and will be involved in every stage of the research process, from conceptualization to publication. Salary will follow or exceed NIH guidelines based on training and experience.

The MacLean Lab began in 2019 in QCB – a vibrant and growing Research Section in the Dept. of Biological Sciences at USC, consisting of >10 computational and theoretical biology research labs.

We are dedicated to building a diverse and supportive research environment and especially encourage applications from underrepresented groups in science.

Informal enquiries welcome. To apply, please email your CV and a statement of research interests to .