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Megan Franke

Megan Franke

Megan Franke, PhD Student
Office: RRI 403J

Research Interests
I am interested in understanding how stem cells make fate decisions. These fate choices rely on multiple factors, including early transcription factor ratios, gene regulatory network topologies, and cell-cell signaling. With regards to cell-cell signaling, I am interested in how intercellular communication impacts intracellular dynamics during cell lineage commitment.

How I Got Into Science
Math was always my favorite subject in school, partially because it came easy to me, but also because I admired how beautiful it was. I went to college excited to dive deeper into math, while never expecting to study anything else. It wasn’t until the end of my first year of college, when my brother suddenly became very sick, that I decided that I wanted to use math for more than just elegant proofs. It was then that I shifted my perspective from simply learning math to honing my quantitative skills in preparation of my new goal: a PhD in computational biology. My motivation every day is to use math to bring us one step closer to practical solutions for problems rooted in biology.

Fast Facts
Favorite activity outside of work: Playing sports
Favorite book: Love Does
What undergraduate major I’d pick outside of STEM: Philosophy